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    Photoinitiator 397

    IRGACURE 379 is a new and highly efficient UV photoinitiator for the UV polymerization of unsaturated prepolymerization systems. 
    CAS No.: 119344-86-4 
    Molecular weight: 380.5 
    Appearance: yellowish powder 
    Melting point: 82-87 ° C 
    Absorption peak: 233 nm, 320 nm (in methanol solution) 
    IRGACURE 379 can be used alone or with an appropriate initiator (For example, IRGACURE 184, IRGACURE 651) is a blend of UV-curable inks and varnishes for paper, metal and plastic surfaces. The high absorbency of IRGACURE 379 makes it particularly suitable for UV-curable inks. 
    IRGACURE 379 is similar in structure to IRGACURE 369. Compared to IRGACURE 369, IRGACURE 379 has a higher solubility and curing effect and is therefore more widely used.


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